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Have you been charged with a DUI defense? Then it is absolutely critical that you acquire proven, competent legal representation. Not only can DUI penalties include jail time and fines, but it can also put harsh restrictions on your ability to drive and seriously interrupt your life.

Contrary to what many believe, DUI charges can be reduced and, in some cases, even dismissed. At Ronald Dinan & Associates, our experienced and resourceful team of legal professionals is prepared to review your case, explore your legal options, and determine the next, best steps to putting this ordeal behind you.

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The 10 Day Rule & Your License

Before any criminal charges can be dealt with, every person arrest with a DUI must handle a possible four-month license suspension that automatically comes with their charge. During a DUI arrest, a police officer will take your license and provide you with a 30-day temporary license. You then have 10 days to contact the DMV to schedule a hearing and appeal and eventual suspension. Failure to do so will result in a four-month revocation of your license at the end of the 30 days covered by your temporary license.

Nearly every DMV hearing can be improved by proper legal representation. With emphatic and knowledgeable counsel on your side, the circumstances of your DUI arrest, your driving record, and any other relevant facts can be asserted and your license stands its best chance as being recovered. If you are facing a DMV hearing and want to make sure you put your best foot forward, call us for representation today.

Comprehensive Scope of DUI Services

Our legal team at Ronald Dinan & Associates has an unparalleled 150+ years of legal experience. Over that time, we have accumulated and developed numerous and sophisticated defense strategies and services to serve our DUI clients.

Just some of the work we can provide to your DUI case includes:

  • Using software to analyze your BAC at the time of the arrest
  • Consulting with experts of topics relevant to your defense
  • Retesting blood or urine samples to discover errors
  • Appearing in court for you, so you do not have to take time away from your life
  • Offering a 24-hour DUI Helpline for clients in need of information

Discover the difference a dedicated and knowledgeable Napa County DUI defense attorney can make to your case, your penalties, and your future. Take the first step in resolving these matters and moving on with your life.

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