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Being Investigated or Charged With a Crime?

Our criminal defense lawyers have represented thousands of clients in Northern California criminal cases and we understand the fear and anxiety that a criminal case causes. The best way to gain peace of mind is to vigorously defend your case and understand the entire process by contacting a criminal attorney in Santa Rosa. You can call us now at 707-294-1968 and speak to an attorney who will answer all of your questions

You can click on one of the 9 subject areas set forth below and learn everything you need to know about all aspects of the crime(s) you are accused of, including:

  • How to avoid going to court in most cases
  • The facts that the District Attorney will be required to prove beyond every reasonable doubt
  • The potential unconstitutional actions of the police that may eliminate harmful evidence against you
  • The various defenses that are available to you
  • Alternative programs that may eliminate being prosecuted​​​

We handle criminal cases in Northern California including DUIs, Drug Crimes, Probation Violations, Theft Crimes, Violent Crimes, and more! We have centrally located offices in Santa Rosa, Napa, Marin, Lakeport, Ukiah and Eureka. Find your area of interest below and learn how to construct the most successful outcome of your case!

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Get Answers to Important DUI Questions

  • I have been arrested for a DUI! What do I do now?
  • Now I have a DUI criminal case - what's going on?
  • Can the DMV or the court really take my license?
  • What is the 10 day rule in regards to DUI cases?
  • What issues should I look for in my case?
  • What can an expert DUI attorney from Santa Rosa do for me?

If you are facing DUI Charges, one of the best decisions you can make is to speak to one of our DUI Attorneys in our Santa Rosa, Napa, Marin, Lakeport, Ukiah and Eureka offices. All of our six Bay Area offices are centrally located in the cities in which the courthouses are located.

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From misdemeanors to felonies, we handle all criminal cases under California's Penal Code.


Northern California Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Arrested for a DUI or other crime? Get aggressive, professional, and successful help from Criminal Lawyers and Criminal Attorneys with a law firm that serves more clients in DUI and criminal cases than any other law firm north of the Golden Gate Bridge. An experienced Criminal DUI/Defense Attorney will get the best results possible in your case by helping you generate the best defenses, avoid going to court, protecting your license and job, and acquiring, if necessary, alternatives to jail.

Our Northern California law firm has over 150+ years of combined experience handling DUI and criminal cases. We are centrally located with offices near the courthouses in Santa Rosa, Napa, San Rafael, Lakeport, Ukiah and Eureka.

We welcome all questions or inquiries and will answer them in a pleasant, courteous, and helpful manner.

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