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It is estimated that in 2012, there were over 172,000 drunk driving arrests in the State of California. DUI charges are some of the most common criminal charges all over the country. If you have been accused, you are not alone-- and there is legal action you can take to minimize the effect this criminal charge has on your life, your driving record, and your future.

At Ronald Dinan & Associates, our firm is dedicated to the defense and advocacy of those who have been convicted of crimes, including all manner of DUI offenses. Our experienced and understanding legal team is ready to evaluate your case, determine your options, and help you decide what your next steps should be in combating the DUI charges against you. We have done the same for countless DUI clients in the past and are ready to bring our track record of dismissals and reductions to your case today.

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Uncommon Commitment to DUI Defense

Many firms can promise you competent DUI defense, but few firms such as ours go above and beyond traditional DUI defense practices to make sure every element of our clients' cases are examined and analyzed. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of this highly scientific branch of criminal defense and have accumulated powerful resources to further our arsenal of DUI defense strategies.

In the past, our team has:

  • Used specialized software to calculate blood alcohol content test accuracy
  • Employed forensic labs to retest BAC materials and determine if any errors were made
  • Consulted with experts on various topics relevant to DUI defense strategies

DMV Hearings & Your License

Beyond criminal defense, we are proud to offer reliable assistance in DMV hearings following your DUI arrest. In California, temporary 30-day licenses are distributed during DUI arrests. When those 30 days run out, the accused's license can be suspended for four months. This suspension is in addition to any penalties they might incur as part of their criminal charge.

However, it is possible to appeal this automatic four month suspension by requesting a DMV hearing. Under the "10 Day Rule," those charged have 10 days from their arrest to contact the DMV and request this hearing. With a dedicated and prepared legal representative by their side, the accused stands the best chance at asserting crucial details of their arrest and driving record and recover their license. Call Ronald Dinan & Associates if you are facing your DMV hearing and would like a powerful and insightful advocate by your side.

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