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Were you arrested on criminal charges in Humboldt County? At Ronald Dinan & Associates, we understand that the legal battle you face is overwhelming and intimidating, and that you want a criminal defense lawyer you can depend on. Our team has a combined total of more than 150 years of experience that we draw on to provide our clients with nothing but the highest quality defense. When you hire our criminal defense team, you have the success of more than 12,000 case wins in your corner.

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It is our goal to provide you with knowledge of the legal resources you need to feel confident that you can challenge your charges with thorough and efficient evidence. We place the highest priority on the needs of all of our clients, which is why Ronald Dinan & Associates can be available evenings and weekends if you need us. Give your freedom the chance you deserve; contact our team today for an attorney who can help you.

Our team can help you understand your options for the following:

We Can Build a Winning DUI Defense

Over our four decades of practicing criminal law, one of the most common cases we have fought involve Driving Under the Influence charges. DUI arrests happen often, but they are not always legitimate; let us investigate your case and we can look for ways to challenge it.

Such challenges include:

  • Determining whether the arresting officer had probable cause
  • Ensuring your Miranda Rights were read
  • Introducing any witnesses that can attest to your sobriety
  • Exploring other factors that may have contributed to your behavior
  • Ensuring that any Blood Alcohol Content tests were administered appropriately
  • Ensuring BAC test results are accurate.

If you are convicted of DUI, the repercussions can be severe. Not only are you facing possible suspension of your license, but you are also at risk of limitations on your professional and personal life. The stigma of a DUI can tarnish your reputation and its presence on your record can hinder your ability to find employment and buy insurance. With our help, we can fight your DUI to mitigate or altogether avoid its negative impact.

Ronald Dinan & Associates Will Fight For You

We understand the charges you face are scary and are committed to helping you fight them with confidence. Legal battles don't have to be intimidating when you have the experience and knowledge of an attorney at Ronald Dinan & Associates on your side.

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