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Since 1976, Ronald Dinan & Associates​ has made providing sharp, incisive criminal defense to the communities Northern California its top priority. Over that time, our legal team have successfully resolved more than 12,000 combined criminal cases on behalf of our clients, guarding their rights and protecting their futures along the way. We are all too familiar with how even minor criminal charges can affect the accused and their loved ones. That is why we strive to provide swift, thorough, and comprehensive legal solutions for Eureka citizens who need their voice heard before our justice system.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, then speak with a dedicated Eureka criminal defense lawyer today. Call us at Ronald Dinan & Associates now.

Criminal Cases We are Ready to Handle

With our firm's nearly four decades of criminal defense experience, we have faced and navigated nearly every kind of criminal charge California criminal statutes have to offer.

Our criminal defense services include, but are not limited to:

It does not matter what your charge is, we invite to call our offices. We are ready to hear your story, provide you with viable legal options, and—if necessary—pursue the best possible outcome of your case.

Fight Your DUI Today

Those charged with a DUI often feel like they have already been found guilty and should not fight for a reduced or dismissed sentence. Often times, however, this could not be further from the truth. DUI stops are a highly sensitive process that are often subject to procedural mistakes and misunderstandings.

You could have a viable DUI defense if:

  • Your breathalyzer device was not properly stored or calibrated
  • The police did not properly establish probable cause for your stop
  • You had other substances in your system that contributed to your condition
  • External factors affected your field sobriety test performance

Even if you are not sure what elements were present at your DUI arrest that could help your case, we want to hear from you. We know what to look for in your DUI charge to determine an effective defense strategy. Call us today.

Put Your Case in Trusted Hands

You do not have to accept the maximum penalties for your charge. At Ronald Dinan & Associates, we are ready to help you take your first step in answering your charge with a competent and emphatic defense.

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