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Now I have a DUI Criminal Case-What is Happening? | Sonoma County, CA

Now I have a DUI criminal case—what is happening?

Immediately following arrest, there are many processes that happen without your involvement. The police officer who arrested you will complete the arrest/investigation report and submit it to a supervisor for review and approval. Soon thereafter, the report will be taken to the District Attorney's Office.

The D.A. will review the police officer's report to determine:

  • Whether the charges should be filed as suggested by the police officer;
  • Whether certain charges should be added or deleted; and
  • Whether or not certain charges will be filed as misdemeanors or felonies.

Regardless of what is charged, we may be able to negotiate your case from different points of view, including reducing felonies to misdemeanors, dismissal of various charges, etc.

Remember, Ronald Dinan and Associates, is a firm of experienced and aggressive DUI lawyers, who can help in achieving the best outcome in your case. Many times DUI case dispositions will include reduction or outright dismissal of the number and/or severity of criminal charges, diversion programs, probation, reduced fines with installment payments, alternatives to jail, etc.

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