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First Appearance in Criminal Court: Arraignment | Northern California

First Appearance in Criminal Court: Arraignment

Shortly after an arrest, you will either be released on your own behalf ("released on your own recognizance") or bail will be set by the arresting officer. Bail at this level is set according to a predetermined schedule. If you are not able to arrange your release initially, you will probably be brought to court within four days of the arrest date. At that particular court date, either arrangements will be made for your release or a new date will probably be set for bail review. A court date eventually has will be set for your arraignment.

The arraignment is generally the first required appearance in criminal court. The date for the arraignment is usually given to you by either jail personnel or a bondsman upon release from jail. One of the most common mistakes made by those who do not have an attorney is their failure to accomplish a number of tasks prior to the arraignment. It is foolhardy to wait for the date of the arraignment to begin working on your case.

At this hearing, the court is informed by your attorney that you are represented by a lawyer. Other decisions are made such as the issuance of time waivers, setting of future court dates, etc. The attorney will get the arrest/investigation report and the criminal complaint which states all of the charges that have been brought against you. The attorney will then begin the process of comparing factual recollections, acquiring further discovery, formulating strategy, ordering retests of alcohol samples, researching, and more.

Remember, Ronald Dinan and Associates, is a firm of experienced and aggressive DUI lawyers, who can help in achieving the best outcome in your case. Many times DUI case dispositions will include reduction or outright dismissal of the number and/or severity of criminal charges, diversion programs, probation, reduced fines with installment payments, alternatives to jail, etc.

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