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Relief After Conviction of a California Crime

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At Ronald Dinan & Associates, we serve clients throughout Northern California who have been arrested, as well as those who are dealing with legal issues pertaining to criminal law. If you are wondering about how you can receive relief after a criminal conviction, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible or visit our Santa Rosa, Lakeport, Eureka, Napa, Ukiah, and San Rafael offices.

Criminal Record Improvement After Conviction Laws and Defenses:


Expungement or dismissal of a criminal conviction can be extremely helpful in many cases concerning issues involved with immigration status, employment, etc. Our expungement attorneys are always ready to explain the exception to the rule that exists when applying for a government license or government job and, even in those cases, the acquisition of a dismissal of your conviction can be helpful.

Reducing a Felony Conviction to a Misdemeanor - Penal Code 17b

In California Penal Code Section 17b, the term "Wobbler" refers to define crimes that can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor at the beginning of a case. If you are convicted of a felony that is a “wobbler” and your probation has expired, the felony conviction may very well be capable of being reduced to a misdemeanor. Ronald Dinan & Associates has litigated hundreds of Penal Code 17b Motions and Penal Code 1203.4 Motions to Dismiss in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Lake, Mendocino, and Humboldt Counties. If you feel like you are in this position and would like to substantially improve your criminal record, call us at one of our four offices set forth at the very bottom of this page.

Certificate of Rehabilitation

A Certificate of Rehabilitation is a document issued by the Superior Court of California indicating that the person who was previously convicted of a felony has good moral character and has been living an upright life for a substantial period of time. The Court Order is certified and basically asserts to the world that the individual previously convicted has now been completely rehabilitated. A Certificate of Rehabilitation attorney will explain that the acquisition of a rehabilitation certificate can end an obligation to register as a sex offender in certain circumstances and, in all cases, once acquired will be forwarded to the Governor of California as an automatic application for a pardon.

Governor's Pardon

A Governor's pardon is an attempt to restore all civil and political rights to someone who was convicted of a felony. It does not eliminate the criminal record but rather substantially improves it. In cases where the prior felony conviction did not involve the use of a dangerous weapon, the acquisition of a pardon can restore an individual's rights to own, keep and possess a firearm in California.

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