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While California has taken measures to reduce the severity of some drug crime charges, a conviction is no joke. Waste no time in contacting the drug crime defense attorneys at Ronald Dinan & Associates when your future is at stake. Our defense lawyers have well over a century of combined experience - decades of representation devoted to criminal defense. When you are facing drug charges, you want a legal team that is confident in their ability to handle your case. You want Ronald Dinan & Associates.

Types of Drug Cases We Handle

Our drug attorneys take on cases including and not limited to:

  • Possession for Personal Use
  • Possession for Sale
  • Drug Sales/Transportation
  • Drug Manufacturing/Cultivation
  • Being Under the Influence of Drugs

Excellent Representation from an Accomplished Firm

If our defense involves a search and seizure issue, a motion to suppress will be filed by our criminal defense attorneys, and if successful, the case will most likely be dismissed. If we cannot acquire a dismissal of the criminal charges, our next step is to try to reduce the severity and/or the number of charges. As to any remaining charges, an overriding philosophy of our law firm is to treat most drug crimes as a medical problem instead of a legal problem.

If addiction or long-term use is involved, it is important to address the underlying issues through options such as drug treatment and/or rehabilitation that includes Proposition 36, California Drug Court, or a Penal Code §1000 deferred entry of judgment. Many clients can enter a drug treatment program rather than in jail.

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