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Diversion Programs as an Alternative to DUI Prosecution Are Being Reduced.

Diversion is a program created to offer an alternative to prosecution. If accepted into a division program, all criminal proceedings are terminated and an applicant begins a program of education. Once the program is successfully completed, all criminal records can be sealed and there are no fines, jail time, etc. In Santa Rosa, Napa, Lakeport, Ukiah, and Erika, there is only one diversion program left for the accused of DUI-Military Diversion.

Only one of the Three Diversion Programs are available to DUI Clients.

Originally, the legislature created three types of diversion programs- Judicial diversion, Military diversion, and mental health diversion.

DUI cases were not eligible for Mental Health diversion from the outset. Initially, until recently,(since late 2021), Judicial diversion was available for almost all DUI charges but since a recent court case, People v. Grassi, in January 2022, the courts are no longer accepting DUI cases into Judicial diversion.

The only available diversion program in Sonoma, Napa, Lake, Mendocino, and Humboldt counties is Mental Health diversion, There are a number of requirements to qualify and these can be explained by your DUI attorney.

Remember, Ronald Dinan and Associates, is a firm of experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyers who can help in the best outcome in your case, Many times criminal case dispositions will include reduction or outright dismissal of the number and /or severity of criminal charges, diversion programs, probations reduced fines with installment payments, alternatives to jail. etc.

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