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Santa Rosa DUI Lawyer Advises Against Giving Police Officers Unnecessary Information

When someone is stopped by Law Enforcement for a DUI, it can be very harmful to their case to provide police officers with information that is not required to be given. Obviously, as DUI lawyers in Santa Rosa, Napa, San Rafael, Ukiah, Lakeport and Eureka will tell you, you have to identify yourself and, if requested, after an arrest, you have to take either a breath or blood test.

You do not, however, have to answer questions about how much you had to drink, when you began drinking, when you stopped drinking, what you were drinking, are you sick or injured, are you a diabetic, etc. If those questions are asked, you should tell the police officer that you don’t want to answer any questions until you speak to your attorney!

Experienced criminal defense attorneys in our offices in Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Napa, Lakeport, Ukiah, and Eureka can provide substantial insight into these types of defenses regarding the required elements of the crime.

In addition, you are not required to take any field sobriety tests (walk and turn, eye movement test, stand on one leg, etc.) or any preliminary breath test before you are arrested. These are exercises that the police have folks participate in because they provide the police with evidence that only they will evaluate, and inevitably, attempt to use that evidence against you if you are arrested.

Stand up for your rights and refuse to answer those questions and refuse to take those tests before you are arrested. Refusing this information may go a long way towards either being released by the police, as opposed to being arrested, or eliminating harmful evidence against you if you are arrested.

Remember, Ronald Dinan and Associates, is a firm of experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyers, who can help in achieving the best outcome in your case. Many times criminal case dispositions will include reduction or outright dismissal of the number and/or severity of criminal charges, diversion programs, probation, reduced fines with installment payments, alternatives to jail, etc.

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