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Facing allegations of criminal activity and the life-altering consequences that can result from them is overwhelming and intimidating. You need a lawyer who has comprehensive knowledge of the justice system and litigation processes to aggressively fight criminal defense cases. With more than 12,000 cases won over our 150 years of experience, you can trust that our attorneys at Ronald Dinan & Associates know what it takes.

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We proudly serve Lake County with legal representation for criminal charges and will work tirelessly on behalf of all our clients; we can even be available for you over the weekend. Whether you were arrested for a DUI or a violation of parole, we can evaluate your case to determine the best defense to minimize or avoid penalties.

We are committed to ensuring that you understand your legal options; you can call on us for help with any of the following:

It is crucial to your defense that you have the knowledge and resources you need, and our team can provide you with them. Call us for a free consultation!

Arrested for a DUI in Lake County?

One of the most common and intimidating charges to face is driving under the influence (DUI). Besides the social stigma of a DUI charge, consequences can also impact your professional life and finances. Official penalties can include fines and the suspension of your license, but your record will also reflect negatively on potential employers, landlords, and insurance agents. Don't let your DUI charge define you; hire a lawyer at Ronald Dinan & Associates who will work diligently to build a winning defense.

We can help you challenge the arresting officer's procedure to determine whether an officer stopped you under a probable cause and read you the Miranda Warnings. You can also contest the situation surrounding your behavior—perhaps you were simply sleep deprived or distracted by other causes and had not been drinking at all. Additionally, we will investigate blood alcohol content tests to ensure accuracy and proper administration.

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When you hire Ronald Dinan & Associates, you're hiring a Lake County criminal defense firm that has helped clients like you for nearly four decades. See what our clients have to say about our efforts and learn why you can trust us with your criminal defense needs.

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