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Ronald Dinan & Associates Can Protect Your Rights

To many who have been charged, it is surprisingly easy to be arrested for a DUI. This is especially true in Northern California, where there is such a vibrant wine culture and drinking is an everyday part of so many of our communities. At Ronald Dinan & Associates has been representing clients in Northern California for nearly four decades and understand just how unexpected and frightening a DUI charge can be.

That is why we have dedicated so much of our firm to defending those facing drunk driving charges. With more than 150 years of combined legal experience, our team has developed unparalleled resources and understanding of this particularly scientific and fast-changing area of criminal defense. Since 1976, our DUI clients have been assured that every possible legal avenue to challenge and reduce their charges is pursued on their behalf. We are ready to bring that same, high level of service to you and your DUI case today.

Do not hesitate—fight your charges today. Call us to schedule a free case evaluation now.

DUI Penalties in California

A DUI conviction never results in just one penalty. To deter drunk driving, California has outlined numerous penalties that can seriously disrupt the life of even a first time offender.

A DUI conviction in California can result in:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • License suspension
  • Probation
  • Ignition interlock devices (IID)
  • Alcohol-treatment program
  • Impounded vehicle

Additional out-of-pocket costs apply to IID installation, impounded vehicles, and treatment programs. However these are maximum penalties that, in some circumstances, can be reduced or completely avoided. To learn what specific penalties you might face for your DUI charge, contact Ronald Dinan & Associates today.

Our DUI Helpline

At Ronald Dinan & Associates, we pride ourselves on providing attentive, personalized, and accessible service to our clients. That is why we have created a 24 hour DUI Helpline for all current and prospective clients who need reliable DUI information on short notice.

California DUI laws, DMV policies, and even direct access to a knowledgeable DUI attorney are all accessible through our DUI Helpline. Our Somona County Helpline number is (707) 545-8404. Call today for the DUI information you need.

We Are Standing By

We know that many law firms offer DUI services, but few can match our firm's unparalleled experience in informing, representing, and protecting members of our community facing these charges. Call us to see what a difference an assertive and insightful Somona County DUI defense attorney can make for you.

Contact us at Ronald Dinan & Associates today.

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